The Middle

That’s where I am. I’ve written Bohemia, done three complete rewrites and and it should clock in at just under two hours, depending on how the dances are staged. The characters come from The Winter’s Tale, twisted to meet the needs of the action. I like the characters, all twelve of them.

But will anyone else?

Probably you’re familiar with most job titles in theatre: actor, director, producer, stage manager, all of that. Behind the script there’s sometimes another character, the dramaturg. From the Theatre Development Fund dictionary: ” … whether you are a freelance dramaturg working with a group of artists on a single project, a frequent collaborator of a playwright or director, or a resident dramaturg at a theatre, odds are there are a number of similarities. You probably love to research unfamiliar worlds, you have a strong sense of inner logic in stories and when it’s gone awry, you have a passion for advocacy for artists, and you keep an awareness of the future audience alive in the room.”

That’s just the person I’m hoping will email me back today.

Really hoping. It’s been a week of missed connections, wrong email addresses, misdirected Facebook messages, a rollicking comedy of errors. But this is a person I seriously want to connect with. Her research is in Civic Dramaturgy, Performance and the City, Site-Specific Theatre, Contemporary American Theatre, Critical Race and Spatial Theories in Performance, Digital Space and Performance, Dramaturgy and Script Analysis. She teaches Theatre History, Experience of Theatre, Script Analysis and Playwriting and is about to be a PhD.

Worth waiting for.




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