Deep in it and stifling panic

These posts are bookmarks for me, noting the parts I have to go back to and flesh out … so in that sense this blog is more a piece of writing than a blog in real time.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is my favorite Shakespeare comedy and the spark for my current project, which I have yet to name. Call it Dream. I spent a month writing down ideas based on a simple premise from Act 1, Scene 1: What if Hermia’s father got what he wanted, and she married the boy of his choice? And she was miserable, and considered that her life had been ruined by her father’s patriarchal demands?

More later about the development and the other characters. Today I’m roughly 30 pages into what has to be a 90-page play and battling two conflicting worries: Do I have enough plot for another hour+plus of stage time? What about all the notes I wrote and haven’t worked in yet? Yeah, one will take care of the other in the rewrites, but …

Beyond that is language, which is where I want to be. For now everyone talks like they’re from Jersey.

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